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Three Square Market


Your Kiosk
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Why should you care about Micro Markets?

Micro Markets and self-pay stores are the next big trend in retail!

It's all about instant satisfaction. 32M, is a self-checkout software company, and we use our patented software on our custom kiosks to help you accomplish

the market of your dreams!


About Us

Three Square Market is a Self-Pay Technology & Cabinetry company who specialise in micro markets. Based in Coleshill, just a short trip away from Birmingham City Centre. We strive to bring the latest technology and innovative designs to match your needs. 

Here with you every step of the way

An Intuitive Software Company

Our software is so much more than a simple checkout system! We've built-in inventory intelligence, security options, an advertising platform, and the ability to manage and use loyalty and rewards opportunities within your market on your kiosk or on our mobile app.

Creating The Experience

A market system will help you create an experience for your customers to enjoy. Leading them to come back again and again. Kick start your experience here!

Be Our Partner

Our goal is to provide high-quality products that align with our partners' needs. We pride ourselves on providing professional customer service and top-innovation!


Get The App!

Three Square Market App

The new Three Square Market enables you to control your market at the tip of your fingers. From managing inventory to browsing your supply. This all new improved app provides all.

Accessible from All Locations

You can download the app for any market in the world. Get exclusive access to all the markets near you and browse to your hearts content!


Contact Us

We want to hear from you!

Customer Service: +44 (0) 1156972008 (Call & WhatsApp)


    +44 7415 581222


Coleshill Industrial Estate, Unit 58/59, Station Rd, Coleshill B46 1JP

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