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At Three Square Market, we offer all the furnishings for your products. Our products range from machines to cabinetry.



We have a range of kiosks suited for every occasion. Security protected and installed with our latest technology these kiosks are quick to install and easy to operate.


Coolers & Freezers

To accompany your establishments, why not add in a Cooler or Freezer? Our products are all fitted with NORM technology, the best in manufacturing coolers & freezers.

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Smart Fridges

Our Smart Fridges are fully equipped to start your micro market! Installed with our 32M Smart Lock, 10" screen and Nayax card reader for easy purchases.

Measurement Services


To make your market complete, we can makeover your market to its full potential. Our range of tailored services for you can transform and upgrade your space.



Providing more than just vending machines our company can also create cabinetry and furnishings to match your products.

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